Read More...Engage and Create Consulting Engage & Create Consulting exists to contribute to the viability and vibrancy of regional Australia through supporting communities to develop their ideas into reality.


1Guiding meetings and forums, keeping participants on task and information gathering. Public speaking and business and social functions, presenting and introductions.


2Personality and Behaviour Style Training using resources such as DiSC and Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


3Project Resourcing –including fundraising/ sponsorship/ grant writing. Project Development and management. Natural Resource Management.


4Implementation of Specific Training Programs for Staff or Community Groups. Dissemination and distribution of essential information.

Julia Telford

Engage and Create Consulting engages with businesses and community organisations, supporting clients with business performance and marketing, in turn growing the viability and vibrancy of regional Australia.

The team at Engage and Create Consulting engage in work that will have good community outcomes, a focus on collaboration and whilst challenging, is enjoyable.

We believe that clients have chosen to work with us because of our track record of success, our desire for outcomes that support community and the breadth of skills and experience we have.

We work with small and large business, land managers, community groups and schools. We are familiar with the challenges facing us in taking care of business today. Engage & Create Consulting can help improve upon the way things work, look at challenges from a different perspective, assist in the improvement of bottom lines and nurture new found productivity.